🚂 projects

blockade Secure headers and cookies for Node.js web frameworks
bookmarks A Burp Suite Extension to take back your repeater tabs (BApp Store)
crystalball A magical web screenshot project
domained Multi tool subdomain enumeration
koba Security Headers for the Kitura web framework
mirror A Burp Extension to help find reflected parameter vulnerabilities
railcar Swift HTTP proxy project
reflect OWASP ZAP add-on to help find reflected parameter vulnerabilities Secure headers and cookies for Python web frameworks
server.swift A simple server for testing HTTP requests powered by SwiftNIO and swift sh


HackerTracker (iOS) An iOS application for security conferences
HUNT Scanner v2 A complete rewrite of the HUNT scanner (BApp Store)


HUNTing with OptionalValue and hakluke Video stream to discuss and demonstrate the new version of the HUNT Burp Suite extension (BApp Store)
How to Fail at Bug Bounty Hunting Talk at Bugcrowd's LevelUp Conference 2017 about getting started participating in bug bounties.
Application Security Testing with OWASP ZAP A presentation at a Frederick Open Source Software (FOSS) meetup on OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)


Bugcrowd Researcher Spotlight
OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide Top Contributor
AT&T Bug Bounty Hall of Fame Received placement in the Top 10 Security Researchers of 3Q2017, 1Q2017 and 3Q2016 for AT&T